2001 Sweden


An international programme for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow was held between the 2nd and the 9th August 2001.After just under two years of planning, young people between the ages of 18 and 21 came from Italy, England and our own municipality of Ale. It was an exciting meeting of young individuals from different cultures, but all having the same goal – to one day have a business of their own.

What do the entrepreneurs of the future need to know?
The programme’s teacher, Roger Mumby-Croft from Oxford Brooks University,wanted to mainly give the participants a new creative way of thinking.The philosophy that anyone can be an entrepreneur gave the participants the self-confidence to carry out the tasks in the best way. Rogers many educational tricks were valuable to the programme.

After three introductory days of theory we went onboard the sailing ship ”Westkust”. In putting the main part of the programme at sea was a way to create unity and to bring the participants closer together. It was of course a form of entrepreneurship to hoist the sail of a three masted, 36-meter long ship. In order to succeed in even this part required co-operation, mutual understanding and creativity. For three days at sea the participants in mixed groups had to formulate an alternative business idea for the ship.This should include a business idea, marketing plan and a logotype for the organisation. It was a delight to see the participants reporting . One could nearly touch the enthusiasm.

People around have paid attention to the programme and just like ourselves been impressed by the many circles on the water which a project with international participants causes. Swedish Radio and our local newspaper were onboard on one occasion, where they spoke to both the leaders of the project and the participants. During a national Sister Communities Conference (25th to 26th October in Ale High School) the programme was presented to representatives from municipalities, regions and European institutions.

A positive evaluation amongst those who had participated in the seminar also strengthened our conviction that this form of education with practical and theory is correct. We also see great profit in developing our participation with Oxford Brooks University, which guarantees high quality of education. Roger Mumby-Croft was noticeably satisfied when one of the participants stated:
”I used to dream about having a business of my own, now I believe that I will !”

In a society where countries’ borders are starting to get less and less defined and the market is becoming more and more globalised, the experts maintain that international contacts will be more valuable even for the smallest of entrepreneur.We can gladly state that our participants in ”The entrepreneurs of tomorrow” have already established a number of relations in Europe. The following pages give detailed information about the carrying out of the programme. Ale Municipality 1st October 2001

Kjell Lundgren
Project Co-ordinator

Anders Helsing
EU Co-ordinator


Bowry, Kate (GBR)
Burghardt, Lars (GER)
Cave-Penney, Sam (GBR)
Cresentini, Emanuele (IT)
Hedin, Cristoffer (SWE)
Igstadt, Annika (GER)
Johansson, Linda (SWE)
Lane, Dane (GBR)
Larsen, Dennis (SWE)
Magnusson, Jerry (SWE)
Moraldi, Claudia (IT)
Persson, Agneta (SWE)
Polloreti, Mattia (IT)
Ravaioli, Cristiano (IT)
Saul, Jenny (GBR)
Schröder, Dirk (GER)
Turchi, Matteo (IT)
Wetherall, Daniel (SWE)