2006 Sweden


”The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” were a successful educational project, which were arranged by the Municipality of Ale during the years 2001 – 2004. The project developed 2005 and took a new step under the name Young Entrepreneurs in the new Europe.
Together with Ale’s twinning towns Kaufungen in Germany, Bertinoro in Italy, Ruukki in Finland and the new partners from Gdansk in Poland and St Petersburg in Russia did an entrepreneurial educational programme been carried through for young students.

Purposes with the programme Entrepreneurs of tomorrow is to stimulate young people into future entrepreneurship. By recruiting participants from seven different cultures are we giving the participants a chance to develop language abilities, ability to co-operate and other social graces. The program will also give the participants a developed ability to think creatively and also lead to a future international networking.

The Goal is to give the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow abilities to identify and analyse business opportunities and be aware of the risks involved. The young participants should, after having completed the programme, be able to feel great self-confidence and feel committed that entrepreneurship is a positive challenge – a future possibility.
The educational programme is placed on an island at the west cost archipelago in Sweden and opens with four days of theory. These days gives the participants a chance to learn more entrepreneurship and above all learn to think differently, also combined with teambuilding activities. The major theme for all participants is to find out: ” Can I be an entrepreneur?”.
After the opening of theoretical days will the participants, mixed in international groups of 4-5 students, start off a project work. Through brainstorming the group will create and accomplish business ideas to be presented as a business plan based on the selected idea.

The project work is combined with sailing on a big sailing ship “Westcoast”. Even this is indeed a form of entrepreneurship when the participants have to hoist the sail of a three-mast, 36-metre long vessel and sail in the Swedish archipelago. In order to succeed, this requires co-operation, mutual understanding and creativity but also to be able to handle the only mutual tool, the English language.

The leaders of the educational programme are from Oxford Brookes University Business School and the programme is performed in English and 27 young participants from eight countries did take part.


Benini, Caterina (IT)
Brighi, Alessio, (IT)
Borg, Patrik, (SWE)
Byrne, Laura (GBR)
Chalecka, Aleksandra (POL)
Dianini, Filippo (IT)
Diederich, Sebastian (GER)
Hallberg, Maximilian (GER)
Harrison, Jamie (GBR)
Hilton, Carolina (SWE)
Johansson, Axel (SWE)
Johansson, Mattias (SWE)
Juusola, Jani (FIN)
Lievonen, Anna (FIN)
Nagucka, Emilia (POL)
Nilsson, Clarinda (SWE)
Peri, Stefano (IT)
Rutgersson, Andreas (SWE)
Shatova, Elizaveta (RUS)
Strannegård, Anna (SWE)
Svärd, John (SWE)
Szmurlo, Justyna (POL)
S. Ushakova, Ann (RUS)
Wallberg, Malin (SWE)
Weiss Tahmas, Nizamuddin (GBR)
Wells, Laura (GBR)
Ydresjö, Petra (SWE)
Zmihorska, Monika (POL)
Zotieva, Evghenia (MOL)