2007 Sweden


Since the project Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow and Young Entrepreneurs in the new Europe has been carried out, approximately two hundred young people have participated. These young people represent the countries of Sweden, Italy, England, Germany, Finland, Poland, Russia and Moldavia. The programme has always been overseen by Oxford Brookes University.

Evaluations every year have shown that the programme participants view the project period as something important and significant for their personal development. A number of participants have started business activities and view their time in Ale as a strong contributing factor in their decision to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.

The Swedish participants were from the two upper secondary schools of Öckerö and Ale. Twenty-eight young people from eight countries participated and for five days, they lived all alone on an island together. Following that, there were three days of sailing which included project work, aboard the ship T/S Gunilla.

As in the past years, the course was led by Oxford Brookes University. Roger Mumby-Croft and Nicolette Michels emphasised early on that their principal aim with the training is to teach the art of thinking creatively, and also to develop some knowledge of how to analyse business ideas, their possibilities and their risks. At the conclusion of the eight day course, the well carried out accounts of exciting business ideas established the fact that the participants had ”got the message”.

Group leaders from training programmes in earlier years were recruited from England and Sweden. Their experience contributed to a safe and comfortable atmosphere on the island. Another important contribution to the activities on the island Krokholmen was the presence of two recreation leaders from Ale. When new energy was needed for the training labour, the lessons were interrupted with exciting and fun outdoor activities. An hour or so later, everybody was filled with enthusiasm for continued work.

Two young entrepreneurs from Sweden were invited to the training sessions to tell about their experiences. These were Therese Albrechtsson as a young leader of a business and Stefan Malmsten who, while employed by the large company EKA Chemicals, uses quite an entrepreneurial method in his work. They also took part in the work of the groups during one day.

As part of the project, a homepage has been developed, to share information about previous years, this year and ideas for the future. When visiting www.YEE.se, all participants can use the contact possibilities in order to create a forum for continuous network opportunities in the future. A larger evaluation is planned to be compiled during year 2008, about the seven previous years.

From participant evaluations, it is clear that the programme very much fulfilled their expectations. On a scale from 1 to 5 (where five is the best), this year’s training is given the fantastic mark of 4.84. The following comments illustrate. ” The best thing I’ve ever done!!!”, “Excellent! I’ve learnt so much and I’ve never seen a better way to teach!”, “The best method of education I’ve ever had.”. “I learned more during this week than I have for weeks in school”.

The Municipality of Ale / Gothenburg Region 2007

Kjell Lundgren – Ale Utveckling
Roy Jörgensen – Ale gymnasium
Anders Helsing – 


Therese Jigfelt (SWE)
Alexandra Plan (SWE)
AnnTherese Johansson (SWE)
Moa Jansson (SWE)
Pontus Sahlberg (SWE)
Lukas Riedel (SWE)
Max Norinder(SWE)
Rosita Terho (FIN)
Jesse Koivuoja (FIN)
Ewa Bodak (POL)
Dorota Dudowicz (POL)
Martyna Wencel (POL)
Aleksandra Rolka (POL)
Laura Brown (GBR)
Jack Collins (GBR)
Matthew Anderson (GBR)
Alex Tomlin (GBR)
Andreas Tügel (GER)
Fabian Grund (GER)
Alexandru Noroc (MOL)
Giovanni Libretti (IT)
Roberta Zaccarelli (IT)
Agnese Pondi (IT)
Aleksandra Kuksenko (RUS)