2008 Sweden


The layout of the project Young Entrepreneurs in the new Europe this year was different concerning both arrangement and participants. Seven years of experience from this training have given us knowledge on which elements are necessary in order to make this week an experience for life.
The news this year was that there were additional partners who sent youth to the project. This year there were ten countries participating. Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Moldavia and England. Sweden was represented by two upper secondary schools, Ale Gymnasium and the International School of the Gothenburg Region (IHGR). Another change was that we abandoned the feature of being on a big sailing ship doing project work during a number of days. The island Krokholmen is an ideal place for bringing out the spirit of community and networking. Bad weather is never fun, but then it is better to be on an island than on a sailing ship. The project was finished off with a day’s sailing on the schooner Ingo. Every year we receive proof that our concept is working through the evaluations that the participants submit. Moreover, there is a larger evaluation being conducted by all the participants in the previous years. It is not yet completed. The presentation of that will be carried out in November-December. There are a few genuine beauties “classics” among the previous participants’ comments though. Enjoy this one:
“I got to recognize that there is a new Europe and I’m an important piece of it. It also opened my eyes for how important it is to build up national and international networks and being able to communicate in different languages. Right now I’m working in a big law firm besides my studies and both are essential for this work. Next year I’ll go to Shanghai summer law school and start to learn Chinese. This over-the-border thinking was extremely influenced by the international issues off YEE” (All submissions are anonymous.)
Every element of the programme is important. Krokholmen is a cosy and uninhabited island. Also, the unusual and sharp training programme presented by Roger Mumby-Croft and Nicolette Michells carry out, the fantastic food, served by Thomas Nilsson and Christina Magnusson-Wallöe; and the issues of well-being and team building activities, arranged by Tomas Hermansson and Jonas Ekstrand.
The Municipality of Ale now wants to contribute towards the export of the ‘Ale Model’ to other partners in Europe. Besides giving Ale good publicity, this would also imply that in the future, young people from Ale Gymnasium School will be able to participate in this training in many places in Europe. A pre-meeting with the partners was held on Krokholmen during this week and will result in a larger and conclusive conference in May in 2009.
This year’s layout of YEE has been carried out with funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency ‘SIDA’, The Baltic Sea unit, EKA Chemicals, Sammaj AB, Alebyggen, Ale gymnasium, Ale Utveckling, and The Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR).
In conclusion, let us tell you about one of this year’s participants, studying at the University of Warwick in England. His name is Detlir Elezi and he is of Albanian origin. Detlir lives in Beijing, China, since he was about three years old. Just to be able to take part in the training on the Krokholmen island, Detlir flew all the way here and back to Beijing, in the middle of the Olympic games. To a newspaper he says:
”I was very happy when my application and tests in order to be able to take part in the training were admitted and passed. It doesn’t matter that I had to fly back and forth to Beijng. “This has been one of the best weeks in my life!”
Well, the activities can’t get much better mark, now can it?
Kjell Lundgren – Municipality of Ale (Ale kommun)
Anders Helsing –  The Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities


Andreas Sandberg (SWE)
Madeleine Kanderholm (SWE)
Sanna Sandberg (SWE)
Mikaela Samuelsson (SWE)
Felix Dester Hultgren (SWE)
Kristoffer Wihlborg (SWE)
Jakob Selin (SWE)
Minttu Tähjä (FIN)
Jaanika Ilves (FIN)
Michal Kogut (POL)
Karolina Laewicz (POL)
Alfred Heath (GBR)
Detlir Elezi (GBR)
Bethan Brewer (GBR)
Jade Callaghan (GBR)
Mirjam Eggert (GER)
Mihaela Corj (GER)
Natalia Vataman (MOL)
Manuela Moffa (IT)
Marika Aglieri-Rinella (IT)
Gabriele Mengozzi (IT)
Evdokia Pitirimova (RUS)
Maria Kapralova (RUS)
Kati Nikopensius (EST)
Taavet Kikas (EST)