2009 Sweden


This year’s layout of the project Young Entrepreneurs of New Europe was the ninth one which was carried out with more or less the same training concept. However, at the same time, the project is constantly in a development phase.

This year there were seven countries participating: Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany, Italy, Moldavia and England. Sweden was represented by two upper secondary schools, Ale Gymnasium and the International School of the Gothenburg Region (IHGR). Unfortunately we received word that Estonia and Latvia could not come due to the prevailing financial crisis there.

The island Krokholmen is an ideal place for bringing out the spirit of community and networking. One day was devoted to sailing with the 36 meter (approx 40 yards) long sailing ship Westkust. The weather on the island was next to ideal, warm enough for it to be pleasant, but not so hot that it took the energy out of the working groups.

Every year we receive proof that our concept is working through the evaluations that the participants submit. This is what a German participant wrote in his/her evaluation:

“ I learnt of course a lot about management and how to build a business. But I also learnt a lot about me and my personality. I learnt that I can do nearly everything if I just want to. I think this project is great. I learnt so much and met so great people who really inspire me! Thank you for everything!!”

Every element of the concept is important. E.g., Krokholmen which is a cosy but otherwise uninhabited island. Also, the unusual and sharp training programme carried out by Roger Mumby-Croft and Nicolette Michells, the fantastic food, served by Thomas Nilsson and Christina Magnusson-Wallöe; and the issues of well-being and team building activities, arranged by Tomas Hermansson and Jonas Ekstrand.

Furthermore, this year the very talented and committed entrepreneur David Cartwright from Oxford visited us. David works on daily basis, supporting companies with their business ideas, very often young entrepreneurs. For this project, he came at his own expense, worked all week long without any request for payment. To him the energy and work results of the young people were enough. This is yet another proof of what a network of contacts means – the municipality of Ale has created a priceless one.

The Municipality of Ale now wants to contribute towards the export of the ‘Ale Model’ to other partners in Europe. Besides giving Ale good publicity, this would also mean that, in the future, young people from Ale Gymnasium School will be able to participate in this training in many places in Europe. First out to arrange YEE outside Ale is Budesti in Moldavia. Besides the plan for a permanent training in Ale in August 2010, 2011, etc., Moldavia’s project is intended to be carried out in September 2010.

Then, in 2011, the turn goes to Bertinoro in Italy and Kaufungen in Germany.

The municipality of Ale and Warwick University assume the responsibility for the starting up phases; funding will be sought from EU-programmes.

This year’s layout of YEE has been carried out with funding from the municipality of Ale, Sammaj AB, Alelions Batteries AB, Autoadapt AB, EV.Adapt AB and the upper secondary school Ale Gymnasium.

Now we are looking forward to seeing an increase in the number of young people who will get the opportunity to go through this training, which is creating networks, knowledge, self-confidence and vitality. Professor Roger Mumby-Croft always starts the training sessions by pinpointing: Europe need more young entrepreneurs! Ale will nor solve this alone, but they are doing more than most.

Municipality of Ale, 2009

Kjell Lundgren
Ale Development


Filip Jansson (SWE, Ale)
Paula Dahlqvist (SWE, Ale)
Adam Lundgren (SWE, Ale)
Magdalena Röding (SWE, Ale)
Elias Collin (SWE, Gothenburg Region)
Hedvig Olsson (SWE, Gothenburg Region)
Antti Karppinen (FIN, Ruukki)
Laura McLoughlin (GBR, Warwick)
David Preiser (GBR, Warwick)
Natalie Row (GBR, Warwick)
Michael Stones (GBR, Warwick)
Danielle Philippe (GBR, Marlborough)
Kathrin Grund (GER,  Kaufungen)
Lisa Klein (GER,  Kaufungen)
Anna Lina Kauffmann (GER,  Kaufungen)
Lars Rippel (GER,  Kaufungen)
Adrian Crijanovschi (Moldova Budesti)
Gianmarco Grilli (IT, Bertinoro)
Jessica Conti (IT, Bertinoro)
Sara Salvigni (IT, Bertinoro)
Marianda Poppi (IT, Bertinoro)
Artem Zheleznov (RUS, St Petersburg)
Olga Temirova (RUS, St Petersburg)
Evgenia Belova (RUS, St Petersburg)