2011 Sweden


”The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” was a successful training programme, which during the years 2001 – 2004 was organised by the municipality of Ale. In 2005, the project was developed further and was named “Young Entrepreneurs in the new Europe”. Together with the twin towns/sister communities of Ale (Kaufungen in Germany, Bertinoro in Italy, Raahe in Finland),  Marlborough -Warwick in England, and St.Petersburg in Russia, and Budesti in Moldavia – we carry out an entrepreneurship training for young people, in collaboration with the University of Warwick in England.

The purpose with the training is to stimulate young people to become future entrepreneurs. By recruiting participants from eight different cultures, the programme contributes to the development of language skills, to an increased capacity, to cooperate and to develop social skills with others from different lands. This kind of training gives the course members an evolved capability to think with creativity.  The project also helps participants to develop an international network for the future.

The aim is that young entrepreneurs will be able to see and analyse opportunities and possibilities of business.  They will also be more aware of potential risks. After having gone through the training, the participants should feel a stronger sense of self-confidence and a conviction that entrepreneurship is a positive challenge – a future opportunity.

The location of the training is on an island in the West Swedish archipelago. It is introduced with four days of theory.  Here the participants learn a lot of things connected to what entrepreneurship is all about. Above all they are encouraged to practice thinking in other, new ways. The main question is ”Can I be an entrepreneur?” Lessons and team building activities are presented in intervals. After the initial theoretical days, there will be project work in which the participants will bring forward a new business idea through brainstorming. Thereafter they develop a business plan for the chosen idea and then they introduce it.  This takes place in internationally mixed groups of 4 – 6 persons. There will be project work and team-building activities such as sailing, among other things, in intervals. Just to learn how to hoist a sail is also a form of entrepreneurship. This step places heavy demands on collaboration, understanding each other and creativity, in order to be successful.  The training is concluded with group presentations of the different business ideas, in which both market plans and business plans are taken into account for the presentation.

The leaders for the training, which is carried out in English, are from the University of Warwick and Oxford Brookes University.


Sweden , Ale
Sivan Paules
Jonathan Jensen
Ida Jonsson
Diana Henriksson
Niklas Heffler
Lisa Hellström
Isabel Andersson

Sweden , Gothenburg Region
Nicole Brattåsen

Finland, Raahe
Kaarina Koistinen

England, Oxford
Daniel Morgan
Lewis Wall
Tom Beresford
Cheryl Culliford-Whyte
George Nicholas

Germany, Kaufungen
Kevin Schwarz
Jennifer Dopslaff

Moldova Budesti
Iulian Pavalachii
Aliona Sincovschi

Italy, Bertinoro
Andrea Fabbri
Alessandro Fabbri
Nicolas Simoncelli
Monica Raffoni

Russia, St. Petersburg
Ekaterina Sadova
Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Kristina Zakharova
Bogdan Petrenko
Dmitry Uzor
Poland, Gdansk
Łucja Szreder
Maria Mikicka
Paulina Gałus
Aleksandra Zarzycka