2012 Moldova


For the second time the program YEE (Young Entrepreneurs in new Europe) was arranged in Budesti, Moldova. The project is funded by SIDA and ICLD, Swedish International Centre for Local Democrazy. The program was carried out september 13-19 2012 with young people from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey and Sweden.
The Municipality of Ale was responsible for the program implementation.

The visualization is that young people will be able to see and analyze the opportunities and possibilities of business. They’ll also be more aware of potential risks that come with entrepreneurship. After having gone through the training the participants should feel a stronger sense och self-confidence and a conviction that that entrepreneurship is a positive challenge – a future opportunity.
The Municipality of Budesti was represented by ten participants. Since the program that was conducted in 2010 along with the participants from Budesti who’s been at YEE’s program in Sweden, a total of 26 young Moldovans have completed the course.

The teachers, just like last time, consisted of Professor Roger Mumby-Croft from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England and Dennis Larsen, Ale municipality. From Ale attended, besides four youths, Camilla Alvenby as Team Leader, Mats Berggren as Team Builder and Per-Anders Klöversjö as entrepreneur and responsible for the documentation.

The result was just as successful as the program had been in Ale the last twelve years and the most recent time in Moldova 2010. On a scale of 1-5 the young participants rated the course 4.8 at average. Their summation of YEE gave many memorable statements. Among others: ”This program has been both hard and fun. I have never worked so much in my whole life, thank you!”

As an enhancement to the course, a workshop in the ability to start a business in Moldova was implemented this year. A course led by Erik Wallin from Högskolan Väst (Drivhuset) in the Swedish city of Trollhättan. The new course was dedicated merely to the Moldovans who have completed the program. As many as 19 young residents had responded to the invitation.

A recipe for success has undoubtedly been the professional preparatory work done by the Municipality of Budesti. They had also managed to create a lot of interest for the final report the young people presented. In addition to the municipal leaders from Ale and Budesti the presentation was attended by two TV-channels, one radio station, one newspaper and many entrepreneurs from around the region.

Ale, september 2012

Kjell Lundgren
Project Leader


Sweden, Ale municipality
Fatima Rekic’
Caroline Wormdal
Johanna Bako
Robin Svedman

Moldova, Budesti
Maria Borodachi
Ion Ghimp
Traian Ropot
Ana Botnari
Daniela Proca
Daniela Gabureac
Victoria Plamdeala
Vasile Russu
Nicoleta Galitev
Dionisie Gabureac

Nicoleta-Stefania Bajenaru
Adeline Elena Badescu
George Cheval

Ekaterina Khiora
Irina Galchenko

Zeynep Ceren Pehlivan