2013 Botswana

It worked!

After a number of years in Sweden, with a few trips to Moldova, it was time to try out the concept YEE outside Europe, in Africa, Botswana, the Ghanzi District. We have been spoiled with amazing results in previous years, but how would it work with young people from another continent? The answer is a resounding YES. The aim is that young entrepreneurs will be able to see and analyse opportunities and possibilities of business. They will also be more aware of potential risks. After having gone through the training, the participants should feel a stronger sense of self-confidence and a conviction that entre­preneurship is a positive challenge – a future opportunity.

Even the location we have chosen for implementation was special. Dqae Qare San Lodge is located 7 km out in Kalihari desert, the world’s largest uninterrupted sand area.
Life in the bushland involved the visits of both large and small animals, some more welcome than oth­ers. One night there were a monstrous thunderstorm, which did not make life less exciting.

Teachers in training were also this time Professor Roger Mumby – Croft from Oxford and Dennis Larsen Ale, with Mats Berggren as team builder and assistant teacher. As team leader served Hedvig Olsson in an incredible way. Hedvig herself have previously been taking the course and participated as a team leader on three occasions.

Four young people from Ale also attended, all in a very creditable manner. It also shows the importan­ce of the international concept.

The result was as successful as the program has been in Ale and Budesti (Moldova) municipalities.
On a scale of 1-5 the young people gave the evaluation result 4.88. In another place we outline a number of statements that the young people made in the evaluation and what the Swedish parents testified when their children come home.

A recipe for success has undoubtedly been the professional preparation done by Ghanzi Disrticts with Nancy Lwambula and William Mpala in the lead. Even during implementation the Ghanzi District really supported the project. They provided for transfer about 30 miles from airport to the place of education in Dqae Qare and they even had people in place to help if necessary. Many thanks for that.

They also managed to create a great interest in the final report that the youths presented. The munici­pal leaders in Ale and Ghanzi and observers from Namibia, and media attended the presentation.

Ale, December 2013


Sweden , Ale
Emma Luukinen F
Fredrik Duvek M
Josefin Carlbom F
Philippa Karlsson F

Job Kakujana M
Eliphas Putuaota M
Freddie Bohitile M

Botswana, Ghanzi
Onkarabile Thamae F
Lemme Molemo F
Christinah Meadow F
Oadimilwe Thankgolane F
Ricken Mothibi M
Lorrain Kebadile F
Blessing Molete F
Oabona Pule M
Omphile Motshabi M
Naledi Baxo F
Mogorosi Moetedi M

Roger Mumby-Croft Anglia Ruskin University
Dennis Larsen Ale Municipality

Team leader:
Hedvig Olsson Ale Municipality

Team builder:
Mats Berggren Ale Municipality

Assistant project leader:
Nancy Lwambula Ghanzi District

Project leader
Kjell Lundgren Ale Municipality

Two persons from Ministry of Youth Namibia