2013 Sweden


During a summer week , 3-10 August, was the 14th edition of the Young entrepreneurs in the New Europe (Young Entrepreneurs in New Europe , YEE ) on Krokholmen. Twelve times the project has been conducted in Sweden and twice in Moldova. In Moldova under ICLD and SIDA. Later this year we will run the training for the first time in Botswana with the support of ICLD and SIDA.

Evaluations every year have shown that the programme realy works, this year with 4.88 on a scale of 1-5 . The 27 participants came from Italy, England, Moldova , Russia, Poland , Sweden, and for the first time from Botswana. The international mix gives the project an extra dimension when young people from different countries of Europe and the world meet. Different cultures and habits inspire participants and give them new experiences and friends for life.

The energy that participants develop during the week is huge and the participants learn how to work together. The teamwork is often very intense and continue to late night.

The concept YEE works, the evaluation made by the participants is a good proof . Here are some sentences from this year’s evaluation:

”The YYE projecct is a great chance to discover hidden Things That you did not knew about yourselves , plus the program is creating bridges between different cultures .”

” I’ll have to learn how to think in new ways , I feel more confident about my obillities.”

”Such a good business – the people who run it are uncredible .”

All the building blocks of the concept is important. Krokholmen is a perfect place for the project, a small uninhabited island at the swedish westcoast. The sharp training with Nicolette Michell and Dennis Larsen in cooperation with Professor Roger Mumby – Croft, carried out with drama teacher Mats Berggren is unique and gives young people new confidence and a good knowledge of entrepreneurship grounds. Mats also provides participants teambuilding activities with support of Jonas Ekstrand.

The amazing food Christina Magnusson-Wallö , Linda Samuelsson with team serves and with Tomas Nilsson recurring support at the international meal – is also an important part.

Mention should also be this year’s team leaders, Hedvig Olsson, a former student at Krokholmen and Katrin Hiora, Ukraine, who participated in last year’s program in Moldova, created a good atmosphere and creativity among this year’s participants and had the opportunity to test and develop their leadership skills.

Entrepreneur of the Year, Christian Kjellberg, owner of Nordic Pipe marking in Älvängen visited the island one day. Christian’s speech gave the participants a good picture of entrepreneurship and gave them the opportunity to ask questions. Christian gave an acclaimed speach that encouraged young people to entrepreneurial thinking and then helped the participants with the project work in groups. It is important to point out that the aim with the project is not to ”Start your own”, but work primarily with entrepreneurial thinking as a philosophy, as a way to face and solve problems. Learn how to think in new, different and creative courses.

Ale will now proceed YEE to Africa in early December, the first training in Botswana. It will be support of ICLD and SIDA.

Professor Roger Mumby – Croft always starts the program by stating:
”Europe need more young entreprenuers , the world need more entreprenuers!”

Ale August 2013


Gorkusha Kseniia (f)
Chernega Ivan (m)
Kapustina Anastasiia (f)

Zuzanna Zborowska, (f)
Wanda Florczak, (f)
Szymon Piosik, (m)
Tomasz Krassowski, (m)
Łukasz Gawroński, (m)

Fabbri Silvia (f)
Saliola Alessia (f)
Giulia Capacci (f)
Pinto Andrea (m)
Minto Giulio (m)

Traian Ropot
Diminet Eugen

Florence Mokaleng (f)

Magdalena Lindén (f)
Lydia Lindén (f)
Pierre Nordefjell (f)
Ylva Berggren (f)
Isabell Märs. (f)
Jonathan Johansson (m)
Rasmus Persson (m)

Olivia Farrell (f)
Jack Beresford (m)
Victoria Long (f)