2014 Botswana

It worked again!

After 14 years in Sweden, two times in Moldova and last year in Botswana, there’s no surprises when it comes to the results of the Young Entrepreneurs (YEE). Despite an unexpected high daily temperature (over 38 degrees) the young people struggled  hrough the various steps in a brilliant way.

The location was once again DqaeQare San Lodge, 7 km straight out in Kalihari desert. Life in the boonies meant visits by large and small animals, some more welcome than others… November means the rainy season has started so we also got to experience the real monsoon rain, luckily only at night. The days were like I said, very warm.

Teachers in training was also this time Professor Roger Mumby-Croft from Oxford and Dennis Larsen, teachers of entrepreneurship at NTI High School in Gothenburg. Per-Anders Klöversjö had the role of documentation/entrepreneur/team builder, but also worked well as assistant teacher. As team leaders worked Sebastian Leijen Ale and Blessing Molete from Ghanzi. Both have taken the YEE course earlier.

Ale was also attended by four youths, all in a excellent way. They had to work hard in their groups, it also shows the importance of the international concept.

The results were again good. Very well executed presentations were made in Ghanzi Town Hall where the audience asked very good questions and showed a large commitment.

It was attended by municipal leaders from Ghanzi and Ale, and a number of business owners and other interested parties. Among others, two people from LEA (Local enterprice Authority) attended.

Afterwards, an evaluation of the project week was made. It showed an average of 4.75 on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0. There were also statements like: ”This was one of my best weeks ever and I have learnt a lot these days”.

The preparation by the Ghanzi District, Nancy Lwambula and William Mpala, is undoubtedly behind the success. Even during the project, it was a great commitment from Ghanzi.

Ale december 2014
Kjell Lundgren – Projectleader


Sweden, Ale
Tobias Dahlgren
Qadir Akbari
Lina Askne
Batoul Raad

Botswana, Ghanzi
Mankgane Kaashe
Kesekalemang Samuel
Dipuo Qaesa
Rose Dabe
Gomotsegang Kolwane
Bella Karnels
Kebabonye Molatlhiwa
Lopanang Totego
Mpusetsang Tshipo
Arabang Leomanyane
Ontiretse Kadoro
Opelo Stoffel
Basadifela Ramoswaane
Kenaleone Gaophuthisue
Baliki Hange
Shax Mosaise

Roger Mumby-Croft, Anglia Ruskin University
Dennis Larsen, Ale Municipality

Blessing Molete, Ghanzi District
Sebastian Leijen, Ale Municipality

Team activities / documentation
Per-Anders Klöversjö, Ale Municipality

Ass projectleader
Nancy Lwambula, Ghanzi District

Kjell Lundgren, Ale Municipality