2014 Sweden


During a week, 2 – 9 August, the 16th edition of The Young Entrepreneurs in the New Europe (YEE) was arranged on Krokholmen. The project has been conducted 13 times in Sweden and twice in Moldova. In Moldova under ICLD and SIDA. Last year the project took place in Botswana for the first time. In November this year YEE will once again be arranged in Botswana.

This year’s project, it has been more difficult to recruit young people in Europe because of the current economic circumstances. The 27 participants came fram Italy, England, Russia, Poland, Moldova, Sweden – and for the first time from Egypt. The Egyptian youths came  through a business contact with Volvo IT, Gothenburg and Moataz Ali.

We hope to establish future cooperation with Egypt. An observer from Spain also contributed during the week on Krokholmen and we hope it can result in a future cooperation.

An evaluation every year shows that the programme really works. The international mix gives the project an extra dimension when young people from different countries of Europe and the world meet. Different cultures and habits inspire participants and give them new experiences and friends for life.

Krokholmen is a perfect place for the project, a small uninhabited island at the swedish westcoast. The energy that participants develop during the week is huge and the participants learn how to work together. The teamwork is often very intense and continue to late night.

All the building blocks of the concept is important. The sharp training with Nicolette Michell and Dennis Larsen in cooperation with Professor Roger Mumby – Croft, carried out with drama teacher Mats Berggren is unique and gives young people new confidence and a good knowledge of entrepreneurship grounds. Mats also provides participants teambuilding activities with support of Jonas Ekstrand.

Entrepreneurs of the year were Paal Evjent and Peter Tifelt. Pall talked about confidence in their business. You have to believe that you can make it and you also need to try being positive – even if there are big problems around the corner. Evjents ideas will be more integrated into future training.

Teamleaders of the year were Philippa Karlsson, a former student in Botswana, Victoria Long och Pierre Nordenfjäll, who participated in last year’s program at Krokholmen, created a good atmosphere and creativity among this year’s participants and had the opportunity to test and develop their leadership skills.

Christina Magnusson-Wallöe and Anna Dennerbro, have made the kitchen famous far and wide with their amazing food. The team always includes three summer youth from Ale, assisting in the kitchen and they do a magnificent job.

Ale will in a week in early December undertake further training in Botswana in collaboration with ICLD and SIDA. It is our hope that YEE will continue to develop exciting personalities and new participants from more countries.

Professor Roger Mumby – Croft always starts the program by stating:

Europe need more young entreprenuers and the world need more entreprenuers!

Ale September 2014
Thomas Sundsmyr Project leader
Kjell Lundgren Assistant project leader


Dominika Jaziewicz, f, -96
Sandra Własiewicz, f, 96
Alicja Nath, f, 96
Kamila Świerczyńska, f ,97
Karolina Borowska f, 96

Gabureac Angela, f ,26
Partas Oxana, f, 19

Sofia Eleonskaia  F, 24

Salma Essam Mohamed Aly Elfakharany , f,
Moataz Roushdy Mohamed Ahmed Hammouda, m
Seif Muhallab, m

Sebastian Leijen, m, 96
Emma Helin, f, 97
Jonathan Klys, m, 96
Philip Norefjell, m , 96
Julia Skånberg, f, 96
Josefin Thorsson,f, 96
Johan Lindén ,m, 97
Isabella Andersson

Alice Valeri

Hannah Jane Falconers Rogers
Jack Beresford