Can I be an entrepreneur?

  • Improve your ability to recognize new and different solutions!
  • Be stimulated to future entrepreneurship!
  • Develop language skills!
  • Meet with other cultures!
  • Make new contacts!

On the island

The education is executed on an island in the west Swedish archipelago during the lovely Swedish summer. During the first four days of theory the participants learn what the term “entrepreneurship” is all about. Above all, this is a practice in how to think in different and unfamiliar ways. The theme is “Can I be an entrepreneur?”

After the four theoretical days the participants continue with a session of brainstorming. Their assignment is to come up with a business idea and create and develop a sustainable business plan for the chosen idea. The creative work is performed in groups of 4-5 people with a mixture of nationalities.

”I learned that I can do nearly everything if I just want to”

”I made a huge progress in deciding who, what and where I want to be in the future”

”It will still take weeks to fully understand how great the time was”

”The advenure of a life-time”

”Just continue to do it, because you make happy a lot of youngsters every year…… Tank you for this opportunity!”