The background

”The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” was a successful educational project that throughout the years between 2001-2004 was arranged in Ale in the west of Sweden. After four years of The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, it was a given step to develop the project idea and to give it new influences.

In 2005 the project developed into “Young Entrepreneurs in New Europe”, YEE. YEE is hosted by Ale Secondary School and is owned by the municipality of Ale .Collaboration partners are the Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities and the University of Warwick.

Students from Kaufungen in Germany, Bertinoro in Italy, Raahe in Finland and additionally schools from Poland,
Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Moldova have been invited to apply for participation in the education with focus on entrepreneurship. All together more than 250 young students from 10 different countries have taken part of the education which is based in the leadership and the methods of University of Warwick and Oxford Brookes University.

The purpose of YEE is to encourage young citizens to future entrepreneurship and business initiative. By recruiting participants from seven different countries knowledge in language skills, co-operation and other social capabilities are stimulated.