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Young Entrepreneurs in new Europe (YEE)

YEE – Young entrepreneurs in new Europe is a training concept the municipality of Ale has developed together with qualified university teachers from England. The purpose is to inspire and teach young people to think along new lines. By the means of creative pedagogy, the participants recieve the task of designing a business idea with an associated marketing and financial plan. The goal is to find opportunities and demolish all obstacles.

The participants have testified to a stronger self-confidence and a strong belief to dare proceed with realizing dreams and visions during the training. In Sweden, the course has been held on the West Coast since 2001. Yee has also been implemented in Moldova on two occasions and in Botswana in 2013.

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”I learned that I can do nearly everything if I just want to”

”I made a huge progress in deciding who, what and where I want to be in the future”

”It will still take weeks to fully understand how great the time was”

”The advenure of a life-time”

”Just continue to do it, because you make happy a lot of youngsters every year…… Tank you for this opportunity!”